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NSW Game Council abolished, but questions remain

The Invasive Species Council praised the decision by the NSW Government today to abolish the NSW Game Council and suspend hunting on public lands. It is a common sense decision that recognises the fundamental flaws of the NSW Game Council, the serious safety issues and the negative environmental result. “This is a great result for…

Revealed: Game Council’s bogus ‘conservation’ hunting

The Invasive Species Council today released detailed information showing that the Game Council model’s for recreational hunting, due to be expanded into NSW national parks, is costly, ineffective and likely to have adverse outcomes. “After a review of scientific advice on feral animal control and the record of the Game Council in NSW’s state forests…


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Does the end of the Game Council deal with hunters’ failed feral animal control?

The abolition of the NSW Game Council from July 2013 was a watershed in the way the NSW Government deals with recreational hunting. But is the job finished? Up until that point, governments led by Labor and then the Liberal/Nationals coalition had kowtowed to the demands of the Shooters Party and progressively expanded hunting on…

Flinders Ranges, Bounceback program

When hunting works for feral animal control

While the NSW Game Council markets a phony version of feral animal control by claiming that every rabbit, fox or pig killed by a hunter is a conservation win, some shooters are genuine ‘voluntary conservation hunters’. The Invasive Species Council opposes the recent move by the NSW Government to allow hunting in national parks because…


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Recreational hunting NSW: claims v facts

Invasive animals, particularly foxes, cats, rabbits and rats, have caused most of Australia’s animal extinctions and imperil many more species. Hardhoofed feral herbivores like goats and deer damage wildlife habitats and threaten many rare plants. How to control feral animals effectively and humanely to protect native species and ecosystems is one of the greatest challenges…

Submission to Review of Game Council – May 2013

A submission to the review of the operations of the NSW Game Council requested by the NSW Premier. The submission considers aspects of the NSW Game Council including: ineffectiveness, culture, lack of hunting competence and suitability of statutory arrangements. Nine attachments are included with the submission.