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Froggatt Awards

The Froggatt Awards are named in honour of Australian entomologist Walter Froggatt, who, when the cane toad was released into Australia in the 1930s to control beetle infestations in the sugar cane industry, was a lone voice, lobbying the federal government to exercise caution. At the time Walter wrote that ‘this great toad, immune from…

Feral deer putting NSW drivers at risk

Our investigation into feral deer vehicle collisions in the Illawarra region south of Sydney reveals the animals are putting drivers at risk of costly crashes and even death.

Submission to proposed NSW Biosecurity Act regulations

Submitted: February 2017
This submission to the draft regulations to the NSW Biosecurity Act 2016 rejects the regulations since they appear to merely transition existing management practices to the new legislation without a review of measures to reduce environmental biosecurity risks.

Submission to the Draft wild horse management plan: Kosciuszko National Park

Submitted: August 2016
The goal of the draft wild horse management plan for Kosciuszko National Park to set a 20-year target to drastically reduce feral horse numbers is supported, but the prospect of the plan succeeding is limited because the plan prohibits the use of aerial shooting as a control method.