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Cruise ships are one of several pathways by which new invasive species can reach Norfolk Island. Photo: Thomas Huxley | CC BY-ND 2.0

Norfolk Island rat baiting network and biosecurity project

In late 2016 the Invasive Species Council and Island Conservation, working with the local community, began a project on Norfolk Island to better control existing invasive pests and prevent the introduction of new potential pest species. The project had two objectives: Controlling rodents and ants The first was to help the Norfolk Island community protect…

Island conservation

Australia has more than 8300 islands, ranging in size from Tasmania to small rock stacks. These islands play a vital and unique role in the conservation of Australia’s native plants and animals. Many island species are found nowhere else. In some cases, islands are the last refuge for species extinct on the Australian mainland. For…

Feral Herald

Norfolk Island: Protecting an ocean jewel

The release of our report Norfolk Island: Protecting an Ocean Jewel, sets a path for reversing the decline of many threatened species on the island and eradicating harmful invaders.

Scrub myrtle (Rhodamnia rubsecens) has been so badly hit by myrtle rust since the disease reached Australia in 2010 that is was nominated for listing as critically endangered. Photo: Tim Low

Myrtle rust plant scourge spreads to New Zealand

New Zealanders have just discovered that the serious plant fungal disease, myrtle rust, has arrived on their shores. What can they learn from Australia’s experience?

South African preying mantis detected in Victoria. Photo: Adam Edmonds | BowerBird.org.au

Protecting a treasured island from invasive species

Our CEO Andrew Cox recently visited Norfolk Island in the Pacific to learn about efforts tackling invasive species and building a biosecurity system, the keys to its future conservation success.


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Norfolk Island – Protecting an Ocean Jewel

November 2017
With the Australian Government assuming responsibility for pre-border and border biosecurity there is now potential for Norfolk Island to be an exemplar in conservation-based island biosecurity.