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Island conservation

Australia has more than 8300 islands, ranging in size from Tasmania to small rock stacks. These islands play a vital and unique role in the conservation of Australia’s native plants and animals. Many island species are found nowhere else. In some cases, islands are the last refuge for species extinct on the Australian mainland. For…

Feral Herald

The fifth Island Arks Symposium was held in Fiji.

Island Arks Symposium: shifting from despair to relief

The fifth Island Arks Symposium had many important take-home messages, but the one that stood out for our CEO Andrew Cox was that invasive species issues on Pacific islands are becoming ‘agonisingly important’.

Scrub myrtle (Rhodamnia rubsecens) has been so badly hit by myrtle rust since the disease reached Australia in 2010 that is was nominated for listing as critically endangered. Photo: Tim Low

Myrtle rust plant scourge spreads to New Zealand

New Zealanders have just discovered that the serious plant fungal disease, myrtle rust, has arrived on their shores. What can they learn from Australia’s experience?


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