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Learning from past mistakes Introduced into Australia with the First Fleet rabbits have become a serious environmental invader. Their rapid spread shows what can happen when a new pest makes it into our country. The Invasive Species Council is the only organisation campaigning full-time to keep Australia free of new environmental invaders. Read more >>…

Feral Herald

Vote 1: Stop invasive species in Queensland

Along with land clearing, invasive species are the major threat to wildlife in Queensland. Yet biosecurity has been missing from Queensland election headlines.

Browsing ants: an environmental time bomb

Tick, tick, tick. That’s the sound of invasive browsing ants, an environmental time bomb if they have escaped eradication efforts in Darwin.

Koster’s curse – time is on our side

In Hawaii it has smothered everything in its path, but in Australia we still have time to stop Koster’s curse, an invasive weed that has been labelled Australia’s next lantana.


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