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Invasive species: Where the parties stand at the 2019 Australian election

Invasive species are one of the biggest drivers of environmental loss in Australia, and threaten our native animals and plants more than any other single factor. Analysis by 12 ecologists released earlier this year revealed the extent of the problem. Invasive species are driving more than 80 per cent of our threatened native species towards…

Vote 1: Stop invasive species

Here’s news about the policies you won’t find on any party website. The results from our invasive species pre-election survey are now in.

How do our political parties stack up on invasive species?

The responses to our election survey are in and we can now let you know what the main parties propose to do to address the threat of invasive species to the natural environment. Our questions were based on eight reform priorities we put to the main parties. Major parties In short, the Greens support most…