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Happy and George need you to care after the bushfires

Once the smoke clears from Australia’s bushfires the emergency facing our wildlife will not end. Injured and sick native animals will be sitting ducks for feral cats and foxes. Their homes and what little food remains will be trampled and eaten up by hard-hooved feral deer, horses, pigs and goats. One of the most effective…

Feral Herald

Tallying eradications in Australia: please help us make a comprehensive list

Prevention is best, but where invasive species have established, eradication, if feasible, is far better than long-term containment and control. This is the well-known hierarchy of desirable responses to invasive species. With red imported fire ants, targeted for eradication in Queensland, eradication failure would lead to damage and control costs of an estimated $43 billion…

Kangaroo Island, South Australia. Photo: Georgie Sharp

South Australia excels at pest control

South Australia is doing some great work on feral animal control, including the world’s largest island eradication program. In mid-May I joined a South Australian Government seminar to learn more about their feral animal control programs. Claimed to be the largest in the world, a goat and deer eradication program on Kangaroo Island is close to claiming success. After eight years…


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