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Kosciuszko National Park – feral horses removed 2008-19

Revealed: Kosciuszko feral horse program in meltdown

The removal of feral horses from Kosciuszko National Park has come to a complete standstill, new data has revealed, with populations of the destructive animals left uncontrolled. 

Froggatt Awards

The Froggatt Awards are named in honour of Australian entomologist Walter Froggatt, who, when the cane toad was released into Australia in the 1930s to control beetle infestations in the sugar cane industry, was a lone voice, lobbying the federal government to exercise caution. At the time Walter wrote that ‘this great toad, immune from…

Kosciuszko: It’s a park, not a paddock

It’s time to overturn the Berejiklian Government’s decision entrenching destructive feral horses in Kosciuszko National Park. Are you in?

Walk to save Kosci from feral horses

A band of avid bushwalkers want you to join them on a mission to Save Kosci from feral horses and walk from Sydney to the top of Mt Kosciuszko. Are you in?

Feral horses in Kosciuszko National Park and damage to sub-alpine bog, Dec 2013. Photo: D Butcher.

Feral horses

Feral horse numbers are expanding across the Australian Alps and in parts of Queensland, NT and WA where they cause immense ecological damage. Despite this, governments have been unwilling to reduce horse numbers.

Submission to the Draft wild horse management plan: Kosciuszko National Park

Submitted: August 2016
The goal of the draft wild horse management plan for Kosciuszko National Park to set a 20-year target to drastically reduce feral horse numbers is supported, but the prospect of the plan succeeding is limited because the plan prohibits the use of aerial shooting as a control method.