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Stealing into Australia: our new pests, year-by-year

As long as Australia has weak biosecurity laws dangerous new environmental invaders will continue to steal into our country. They come in many forms, as weedy garden species, hidden in cargo ships or even brought in and sold as ‘pets’. In the invasion timeline below we’ve listed new invasive species we know have been found…

How to report invasive ants in Australia

Yellow crazy ants and red imported fire ants are just two types of dangerous new invasive ants now found in Australia. Unlike our native ants they are not a natural part of the Australian landscape, and can threaten our wildlife, ecosystems, agriculture and even people through their aggressive behaviour. Most new infestations of invasive ants…

Feral Herald

Browsing ants: an environmental time bomb

Tick, tick, tick. That’s the sound of invasive browsing ants, an environmental time bomb if they have escaped eradication efforts in Darwin.

Electric ants, on the cusp of eradication

Biosecurity Queensland is on the cusp of eradicating electric ants, the only thing holding it back from full eradication is a final push that needs federal and state funding.


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