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Tasmanian bumblebee decision defies the evidence

A Senate environment committee that endorsed the commercial use of Tasmanian feral bumblebees seemed oblivious to the serious impacts this invasive species can cause.

Lambie’s bumblebee deal carries feral sting in its tail

Moves to allow the commercial use of feral bumblebees in Tasmania by changing national environmental laws could pave the way for other harmful invasive species being illegally introduced into Australia.


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Bumblebees in Tasmania – pollination push

Former Palmer United senator Jacquie Lambie is backing a push to allow Tasmanian tomato growers to use feral bumblebees as pollinators in glasshouses.

The move is seen as a first step in introducing bumblebees to mainland Australia, where they could threaten native bee populations and other insects as well as help spread weeds.