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Media releases

Australia’s dirty dozen named and shamed

Our ‘dirty dozen’ is a list of some of the most dangerous overseas plants and animals to have evaded Australia’s environmental border controls.


Eradication of red fire ants from Australia: Statement of concern

Australia’s fire ant infestation is a national issue and needs powerful voices from across the country to call on every state, territory and the federal government to fully fund their eradication. Already the National Farmers’ Federation, AgForce, Local Government NSW, Victorian National Parks Association and the Nature Conservation Council have signed our open letter calling…

Stealing into Australia: our new pests, year-by-year

As long as Australia has weak biosecurity laws dangerous new environmental invaders will continue to steal into our country. They come in many forms, as weedy garden species, hidden in cargo ships or even brought in and sold as ‘pets’. In the invasion timeline below we’ve listed new invasive species we know have been found…

Feral Herald

Compassionate conservation or misplaced compassion?

Would a compassionate society let Australia’s feral rabbits roam free rather than trying to control their numbers through killing? Adjunct professor Peter Fleming takes a look at the ethics of killing for conservation.


Fact Sheets, Reports & Submissions

Feedback on environmental biosecurity roundtables

Submitted: March 2018
National environmental biosecurity roundtables were held in 2016 and 2017. A set of eight recommendations are offered to maximise the value of roundtables for participants and to deepen the relationship between government and the community and environmental sector.