Helen de Jode, Threats to Nature Project Manager

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Helen de Jode is a social scientist who has worked internationally in the environment and development sector and wants to help address the complex governance challenges facing nature conservation in Australia.

Helen brings her international experience in environmental governance to her role as our our Threats to Nature project manager.

She is keen to use her work on climate change adaptation, land degradation and global nature conservation to help address the complex challenges and threats facing conservation in Australia.

Helen will work with our project partners towards improving the threat abatement system – an essential part of reversing Australia’s extinction crisis, in which invasive species, habitat loss and climate change play such significant roles.

Helen grew up in London and worked in Africa for many years in the natural resources sector with a particular focus on rural communities. She has written about drylands agriculture, pastoralism and climate resilient development. She is passionate about the diversity of species and natural landscapes of Australia, which has been her home for the past five years.

Threats to nature

At least 100 species unique to Australia have been lost since 1788 and thousands more are on a path to extinction. About 1800 species and ecological communities are listed nationally as threatened.

It is not possible to recover all of our threatened species one by one through recovery programs. We need a concerted national focus to overcome the major threats our native plants and animals have in common – in particular invasive species, climate change, habitat destruction, changed fire regimes and changed hydrological regimes.

Helen de Jode, Project Manager.