What’s making our wildlife vanish?

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“Invasive species are consistently identified as one of the most prevalent threats to Australian wildlife, and their management is a significant economic burden in Australia” as reported in Australia’s 2021 State of the Environment Report.

Australia already has the worst mammalian extinction record in the world.

Since 2016, the threat has grown with 200 plants and animal species making it onto the government’s threatened species list, including the northern long nosed potoroo and Watson’s tree frog. 

Feral rabbits, pigs and cats are the worst culprits.

Australia now has more introduced plants compared to native. You can help right now to help prevent further losses.

There is political support for action on invasive species and strengthening our biosecurity system but given the scale of the threat to our precious wildlife and nature, much more needs to be done.

To stop this biodiversity decline and prevent more invasive species led extinctions, the Australian government needs to transform Australia’s biosecurity system, triple the resources available to the Commonwealth Chief Environmental Biosecurity Officer and increase existing funding for abating the major threats to nature and recovering threatened species up to 17 fold.

The science is on our side, but time is not. This is an emergency. If there are more delays, half of our species on the endangered list will continue to tumble towards extinction. We insist that the government responds and invests to meet the scale of the emergency that this is.

Please act now.

Sign today to call on the new Australian Government to radically increase investment to effectively protect our vanishing wildlife and ecological communities from harmful invasive pests, weeds and disease.

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