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Shocking news: The NSW Government has STOPPED all feral shooting in Kosciuszko National Park at the worst possible time. We need Monaro MP Nichole Overall to know that many in her electorate care about Kosci and want the NSW government to get on with the job of protecting the park from feral animals.

As someone who lives in the area – your voice is powerful!

The government has announced the pause to all feral animal control in the park following allegations made by a radio shock jock that a deer cull in February occurred near park users. But this pause isn’t just for deer – ALL control operations of feral animals have been paused.

The safety of visitors and parks staff is paramount. But these allegations, which are more than 6 months old, are being used by some as a trojan horse to slow and disrupt park managers from doing the challenging work of removing feral horses from Kosciuszko.

The situation is urgent – with spring having arrived, new native vegetation is sprouting through the defrosting soil and is providing crucial habitat for our native and endangered wildlife. We cannot afford lengthy bureaucratic delays that pander to the interests of a small and vocal minority of radio shock-jocks and anti-science advocates.

This is why the endangered animals that call Kosciuszko home need you. Please get your letter writing kit using the form, and send your email to Monaro MP Nichole Overall telling her that you care about protecting the unique wildlife and ecosystems of the park from the threat of feral animals. 

We have made sending an email to Monaro MP Nichole Overall quick and simple – you don’t have to be an expert! We know letters and emails are taken seriously – for everyone who takes the time to write an email, her office knows there are many more people who feel the same way. 

Please start by completing this form and we will take you through the steps that will make a difference to safeguarding Kosciuszko’s unique environment for future generations.

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