A plan is out to protect Kosciuszko National Park from feral horses. Learn how to have your say and help save Kosciuszko.

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Save Kosciuszko National Park

The draft management plan for feral horses in Kosciuszko National Park is now out. Submissions are due by 2 November 2021.

This is a critical moment for the campaign to protect Kosciuszko’s spectacular wildlife and ecosystems, and the best way you can help is to make a submission to the new draft plan.

Your involvement will be crucial — it is going to take all of us to ensure that Kosciuszko National Park isn’t turned into a farming paddock.

The plan proposes a big reduction in horse numbers – from some 14,000 horses currently in the park down to 3000 over six years.

But, 32% of the park has been designated as ‘horse retention’ zones – horses allowed in more than 200,000 hectares of the park – and there is no scientific basis to keep 3000 horses in the park. It’s about impact – and that many horses will likely continue to have a significant impact on the environment in the park.

1. How to make a submission

Make a submission by 2 November

Our Reclaim Kosci team has put together an excellent guide to help you make your submission.

Anyone can write a submission – whether you’re an individual, an organisation, NSW resident or live interstate – your voice matters.

And remember, your submission doesn’t need to be complex or overly formal.

2. Donate today — help ensure our crucial message is heard

Another way you can make a huge difference is through a once-off donation. Every dollar you are able to give will help us reach more Australians with this important message, enabling them to hear the science and be aware of what is at risk if this feral horse plan isn’t strong enough. The damage could be irreversible, so we need to give this everything we have.

3. Sign Reclaim Kosci’s petition

If you haven’t already, please sign and share our petition asking the NSW Government to act urgently to protect the unique ecosystems and wildlife of Kosciuszko National Park by implementing a plan that reduces the feral horse population according to the best scientific and RSPCA advice.

The NSW Government has been dodging its responsibility for protecting Kosciuszko National Park for many years. Please help send a clear message that it’s time the government gave the parks service access to the full range of control methods, with appropriate humaneness protocols, to protect Kosciuszko.

We all must act before it is too late. For Kosciuszko’s ancient glacial landscapes, life-sustaining water catchments and threatened species.