Draft Hog Deer Management Strategy – Dec 2008

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The draft management strategy for hog deer in Victoria proposes goals and strategies that are anathema to best practice management of threatening invasive animals and biodiversity conservation. It is clear that the purpose of the strategy is to improve recreational hunting opportunities for hog deer, and that it will lead to expanded populations and range…

Victorian Land and Biodiversity Green Paper – Jun 2008

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While the Victorian Government’s Land and Biodiversity at a Time of Climate Change Green Paper appropriately acknowledges that invasive species are a major threat to biodiversity and agriculture, there are a number of gaps. Pathogens: Despite the considerable environmental harm pathogens cause in Victoria, including dieback fungus, which kills native plants, and chytrid fungus, a…

Quarantine and biosecurity ‘Beale’ review – Apr 2008

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The Invasive Species Council is concerned about a number of issues surrounding Australia’s federal quarantine and biosecurity system, including: Cultural issues. Failure to implement polluter pays approaches. Insufficient precaution or priority in risk assessments. Lack of taxonomic expertise. Inadequate border quarantine. Eradication opportunities being ignored. This submission provides input to the review of quarantine and biosecurity…